Brent Watkinson

I have always wanted to make pictures. Sometimes I use a camera, sometimes ink, sometimes paint. When I was young I always had a need to draw, make things of wood, metal, paper, or whatever was at hand. I knew I would someday make images as my job. I did not know how the world worked, or how anyone got jobs, or went to school. I just knew that I would be making pictures for a long time.

When I make an image, I want to make it pleasing and above all, interesting to look at. It should have a feeling of some sort, or a color, or a taste. People should be able to look at it and interpret it in there own way. I simply like making pictures that somehow persuade people to look at them for a while. No tricks, no gimmicks, nothing to hide behind. Just painting.

My career has been in two main parts; although the process of both parts has been the same. As an illustrator for 20 years, I made pictures to enhance another product. As a gallery painter, I make pictures to be the end result. My techniques and materials are mostly the same, my approach the same. The line between commercial and fine art never really existed for me. I simply like making pictures to the best of my ability, and my ability changes. Constant learning and investigating is an ongoing part of making pictures, and I have never escaped the role of being a student, and will always pursue growth.