Amber Waves  8x10  ac  $210  uf

Across the Tracks  16x20  ac  $800 uf

All Quiet in Hudson  10x20  ac  SOLD

A Perfect Moment to Reflect   ac  20x20 $950

Bursting with Pink  18x24  ac  $1,100 fr

Cows of Many Colors  30x30  ac  $1,900 uf

Fall Colors on Indian Hills  11x14  ac  $449 fr

History Happens  11x14  ac  SOLD

Holton Farm  11x14  ac  $450 fr

Home of Bob Dole  24x36  ac  $2,000

Horsing Around  11x14  ac  $449

Kansas Elevator  11x14  ac  $450  fr

Kansas Pinwheels  16x20  ac  $800 fr

Lonely  8x10  ac  $300

Lonely House on the Prairie  16x20  ac  $800  fr

Mass Street Drama  9x12  ac  $400 fr

Old Stone Friend  12x16  ac  $600

Path Through the Prairie (Tallgrass Prairie Preserve)  10x20  ac  $550

Red Canoe  8x10  ac  $300

Red White and Blue  12x24  ac  $490  uf

Roadside Orange  9x12  ac  $280 uf

Road to the Clouds  12x24  ac  $800 uf

Robin Means Spring  8x10  ac  $210 uf

Shop Westboro  11x14  ac  $449 fr

Sister Dance  12x8  ac  $210 uf

Sunset Over Anderson  11x14  ac  SOLD

Sunset Through the Trees  24x36  ac $1,900 fr

The Alley  24X24  ac  $1,300

The Perfect Union  16x20  ac  $800  fr

Towering Storm Cloud  10x8  ac  $210 uf

Two Shacks Among the Haystacks  11x14  ac  $450 fr

Walk Like An Ichabod  9x12  ac  $400 fr

Welcoming Light  11x14  ac  $315 uf

What's Around The Bend  11x14  ac  $315 uf

Wren (The Look)  8x10  ac  $210 uf

Zinnia Garden  11x14  ac  $315 uf