Barbara Waterman Peters: Figurative

NEW! Featured in current exhibit, "Swan Song"

Ship of Fools (Ark 2.0)  24x18  oc  $1,500

Ship of Fools (Crossing the Rubicon)  36x24  oc  $2,400

Ship of Fools (Red in the Morning...)  36x24  oc  $2,400

Ship of Fools (Sea of Doubt)  16x12  oc  $925

Ship of Fools (St Elmo's  Fire)  24x18  oc  $1,500

MMWS: My Men and Women Series

MMWS Flint Hills (Event) II  24x36  oc  $1,800 fr*

MMWS  Flint Hills Epic  22x28  oc  $1,300*

MMWS Flint Hills Picnic  36x48  oc  $3,500*

MMWS Flint Hills (Event) III  24x36  oc  $1,800 fr*

MMWS Flint Hills (Event)  24x30  oc  $1,500*

MMWS Konza Picnic  24x30  oc  $1,500*

MMWS Flint Hills Kites  20x16  oc  SOLD


"MWS: My Women Series"

MWS: Animalia (Homage) 48x60  oc  $3,500*

MWS: Animalia (Soothe)  48x36  oc  $2,750*

MWS The Event Planners  24x36  oc  $1,800*

MWS DC Brass Ring  20x16  oc  $900*

MWS: DC, Event  24x18 oc  $1,000 fr*

MWS DC Gray Rose  24x18  oc  $1,000*

MWS DC Mirth  20x16  oc  $900*

MWS Three Graces  24x30  oc  $1,500*

MWS: SE4T, Celebrating II  24x30  oc  $1,500 fr*

MWS Song and Dance  18x24  oc  $1,000*

MWS: DC, The Guest  9x11  pencil  $450 fr*

MWS4: Costuming II  9x11  pencil  $450 fr*

MWS: SE5T Celebrating III  48x60  oc  $3,500*

MWS: Two Pandoras Red Box  36x48  oc  $2,750*

MWS: Two Pandoras  48x36  oc  $2,750*

MWS: Two Pandoras (Smile)  48x36  oc  $2,750*

MWS - Clowns I  2x2  pencil on black paper  $125  fr*

MWS - Clowns IV  2x2  pencil on black paper  $125  fr*

MWS - Clowns IX  2.5x2.5  pencil on black paper  $125  fr*

MWS - Clowns VI  2.5 x2.5  pencil on black paper  $125  fr*

MWS - Dark Clown  3x2  pencil on black paper  $175  fr*

MWS - Dark Clown II  3x2  pencil on black paper  $175*

MMS: My Men Series

MMS Charles E  20x16  oc  $900*

MMS The Card Players  24x36  oc  $1,800*

MMS The Mask  2x6  op  $175*

MMS Night Watch  18x24  oc  $1,000*

MMS The Mark  2.25x4.75  op  $175*

MMS The Poet II  3x1.5  op  $125*

MMS - A Pause  10x10  oc  $450*

MMS - A Thought  10x10  oc  $450*

MMS - Black Scarf  6x6  op  $350*

MMS - Crispin & Scapin  12x16  oc  $700*

MMS - House  8x8  oc  $375*

MMS - Janus  20x20  oc  $1,000*

MMS - JX3  12x36  oc  $1,100*

MMS - Man Gossip  18x24  oc  $1,100*

MMS - Odin  20x20  oc  $1,000*

MMS - The Advice  8x10  oc  $400*

MMS Alex (The Artist)  8x10  oc  $400*

MMS Every Man Jack  18x24  oc  $1,100*

MMS Merl (in)  6x6  op  $350*

MMS Red Hat  5x4 SOLD

MMS See No...  24x36  oc  $1,500*

*Not currently at the gallery, but may be available for sale. Please give us a call to find out!