Anthony Benton Gude

NEW! Featured in upcoming exhibit, "Only the Best"

Lonesome Road  10x11  op  $1,100 fr

Morning After Harvest  10x14  op  $1,200 fr

Summer Corn  10x12  op  $1,100

The Bicycle Bridge  8x10  op  $1,000 fr

Under the Shade Tree  19x24.5  op  $3,500 fr

Afternoon Light  36x34  oc  $6,000 fr**

Annie and Frankie  24x27  ob  $5,000 fr**

Fehr's Log Splitter  14x18  wc  $500 fr

November Landscape  14x20  ob  $2,500 fr

Pickin' Corn  25x30  op  SOLD

Renegades  20x30  ob  $5,000

Setting the Fires  28x40  ob  $6,000

Turning of the Wheat  34x30  ob  $6,000 fr**