Ann Carter Encaustics

Bertie Knows Better  7.5x5  encaustic  $280 fr

Camille Shares a Cozy Afternoon  7.5x5  encaustic  $280 fr

Grace Gets Ready for Church  7.5x5  encaustic  $280 fr

Hyacinth Dresses for the Holiday  7.5x5  encaustic  $280 fr

Gertrude and Her Gang - Sticthed Together  10x18  encaustic  $580 fr

Ida Holds Izzy  7.5x5  encaustic  $280 fr

Lottie Views Life  7.5x5  encaustic  $280 fr

Vera Makes a Vow  7.5x5  encaustic  $280 fr

Mabel Misses Harold  7.5x5  encaustic $280 fr

Pearl Looks Good in Lace  7.5x5  encaustic  $280 fr

Encaustics with Decorated Frames:

Carl Confronts the Outlaws  8x6  encaustic  $300 fr

John Richard Joins the Posse  8x6  encaustic  $300 fr

Rita Rides the Range  8x6  encaustic  $300 fr

Beloved Children, Bards of Spring 8x8  encaustic  $240  fr

I Never For a Day Gave Up Listening  8x8  encaustic  $240  fr

Prairie Privilege - To Carry the Sky  6x14  encaustic  $325 fr

Prairie Privilege - The Family of Things  6x14  encaustic  $325

Prairie Privilege - Catching a Rest  4x14  encaustic  $230 fr