Ann Carter Encaustics

Beloved Children, Bards of Spring 8x8  encaustic  $240  fr

He Believes in Spring  8x8  encaustic  $240 fr*

I Never For a Day Gave Up Listening  8x8  encaustic  $240  fr

In This Sequestered Nook  8x8  encaustic  $240  fr

Only Passing Through  6x14  encaustic  SOLD

Prairie Privilege - The Family of Things  6x14  encaustic  $325

Prairie Privilege - To Carry the Sky  6x14  encaustic  $325 fr

Prairie Privilege - Catching a Rest  4x14  encaustic  $230 fr

Of What I Love  8x8  encaustic  $240  fr

The Blessings of the Earth  8x8  encaustic  $240

The Feathery Touch  8x8  encaustic  SOLD

They Are Needed Somewhere  8x8  encaustic  SOLD

You Knew the Fairies Well  8x8  encaustic  $240