Ann Carter Seriographs

Fresh From the Community Gardens  5x20  serigraph SOLD

Sunday Evening at the Ceilidh, Prince Edward Island  9.5x18.5  serigraph  ed. of 26  $250 unframed

Bart & Sarah, Post Caucus Dance  12x17.5  serigraph  ed. of 34  SOLD

Becky's Boy Goes To Bat  10x12.5  serigraph ed. of 20  $250 unframed

Do You Think She'd Take a Quarter  14.5x19.5  serigraph  ed. of 35  $300 unframed

In a Mellow Tone  11x9.5  serigraph ed. of 23  $250 unframed

It Could Have Been Him  12.5x17  serigraph ed. of 15  $250 unframed

Maybe We Should Have Gone To the Mountains  10x12.5  serigraph ed. of 20  $250 unframed

Have I Got a Story!  8x6.75  serigraph  ed. of 15  SOLD

Jan Suddenly Longs for Home  11x9.5  serigraph ed. of 33  $250 unframed

O How Joyfully  8.5x7  serigraph  ed. of 65  SOLD

Jed and Dora Still Together  11.5x10.75  serigraph  ed. of 25  $370 fr

Waiting for Helen Ying  16x10  serigraph ed. of 35  $250 unframed

Zydeco County Constituents  14x16 serigraph  ed. of 18  SOLD