Ann Carter


People are usually the subject matter of my prints. In my travels I have observed that beneath our superficial differences people are the same all over the world. However, I also enjoy the individual expression of each person’s character, so when my audience says “that could be my aunt” or “isn’t that Wilma Jean” it is a great satisfaction. My depictions of people are often humorous, but they still maintain their dignity—they are simply human. I often choose to portray the elderly, the very young, minorities and the poor because they have to hold on so tightly to retain their human dignity.

Ann L. Carter

Artist’s Statement: So Many Birds….So Much Magic

I went to an encaustic workshop this past summer with a dear friend. At first I didn’t see what the excitement was about, as I found the wax unwieldy and the results often less than attractive. But as the four day workshop continued, I began to see the excitement involved in encaustic and all the many possibilities of using it.

But why a series on birds, a subject I’ve seldom used in previous art? My favorite piece from the workshop was the back cover of a small book, showing several robins in the snow. As I looked at this, I began to think about birds in my life. The little female goldfinch that I believe started my journey into adoption. The poem I wrote about the robin that came to my mother’s door every morning one spring and how she said to me, “I don’t need anything for my birthday….and besides, I have a robin.” The way nothing quite moves me as watching the birds feeding outside my window in winter. The Anne Lamott saying that keeps me going, telling me to accomplish my goals “bird by bird”. And so, bird by bird, the series began.

Perhaps birds are magical because they represent our own humanity: our vulnerability in what can be difficult and cruel conditions, our potential to bring joy and beauty to this world, and our desire to soar to great heights. My hope is that, as you look at this series of bird images, you are reminded that nothing is too small or too commonplace to hold great magic.

Ann L. Carter