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Conservation Framing

At Strecker-Nelson Gallery we offer a complete conservation framing service to ensure that your treasures are preserved for future generations. Conservation techniques and materials are generally used for artworks on paper but are suggested anytime a higher degree of preservation is needed, such as historic or heirloom documents and artwork.

Conservation framing minimizes deterioration due to environment and acidic materials.
We offer a wide variety of traditional and contemporary framing styles. We also offer a 20% discount on the framing of artwork purchased at Strecker-Nelson Gallery.


Conservation Materials

Because we specialize in conservation framing, we use acid free museum quality cotton rag mats, UV light filtering conservation glass and reversible mounting processes. By using conservation materials contributory damage to the artwork, from acidic paper core mats, glues, adhesives and other non-conservation materials such as cardboard and acidic foam center board, can be avoided.

When it comes to protecting your treasured artworks and preserving them for future generations, insist upon using conservation framing materials

In The Framing Studio

We offer a variety of traditional and contemporary framing styles to complement the artwork as well as your home and furnishings. We can suggest a wide variety of frame styles ranging from simple and modern to ornate and traditional.

At Strecker-Nelson Gallery we also use a variety of matting and mounting methods. Artwork can be matted with a single, double or 8-ply mat. We carry a variety of 4 and 8 ply thickness museum boards in a wide range of colors. We can also "float" a work on paper or a canvas in the frame.
Please inquire when exploring your options for creating a framing presentation to display your artwork in your home.


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