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Kim Casebeer


It's a very fast-paced world we live in and I hope to make people stop and think twice about the positive and peaceful impact nature can have on us.

I strive to bring new insight into ordinary scenes, hoping the viewer will take a second look at these austere places they might otherwise pass by. Keeping the subject matter simple allows the viewer to see it on a more intimate level.

I focus on the emotional reaction I have to the subject, connecting to my audience using this emotion. I use color and light to convey the mood of each piece. For every larger piece, I make many smaller color studies or “mood studies” to see what effect each has on the final experience. This allows for a bolder use of color in the final piece.

I strive to keep my work loose and painterly, purposely leaving parts of the painting less finished than others in order to allow the viewer to feel like they are part of the experience. I feel my work is successful when I connect with my viewers on a more subconscious level by focusing on the emotional impact of the subject matter.

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