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Jane Booth



I love to watch a bird dog in the wild. A dog’s sense of smell is 100 times more powerful than a human’s as he’s running along, muscles streaming, nose twitching, to the ground/in the air/to the ground, tail wagging, stopping on a dime, rocketing back to full speed as he locates a trail, a whole dimension available to him, this 100 times capacity to smell. It must provide amazing depth and power and complexity to the simplest experiences! He’s using his senses entirely, he is entirely his senses. He’s in the zone. It’s joyful, it’s intuitive, it is what he’s about.

I want to paint like a bird dog runs, to bring a depth of senses to the canvas, to use the whole body, intuition engaged. Moments met with actions that meet moments. Painting to express the way moments sound, how hot or cold they are, their texture, the chaos or peace that is generated. In life, these moments evaporate as they appear. It is a joy to set them on a canvas to consider.

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