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Bev Gegen


My paintings are an expression of my experience with nature and its opportunities for synergy between the real and the subconscious. Inspirations for the work emerge from the scent and form of flowers, the movement of plants and animals, the texture and complexity of the soil and rock, the architecture of the city and the silence of meditation. I wish to reveal some intimate moments of strength and delicacy in creation. Mindscapes of color and images form during silence.

Working with acrylics, I use washes and opaque layers, while drawing into wet or dry pigment with charcoal, soft and oil pastels on board and canvas. Non-traditional materials of metal and wire are incorporated in some of my work. I create luminous, sensuous and textural surfaces with interaction of pigment and additives.

The paints describe the interrelationship between art, nature, architecture and design. I experiment.

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