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Guinotte Wise


Educated (as much as he would allow) at Westminster College (Fulton, MO), University of Arkansas and the Kansas City Art Institute, Wise has been a Creative Director in advertising most of his working life. He also worked on bridges as a steelworker, and as a field engineer in the paving business.  The construction work left him with an interest in welding and large, hard to move objects.  
“I have often said the steel tells me what to do and that’s true.  A certain design capability picked up over the years helps me, also.  I have been asked what my thought processes are, do I have a “manifesto?”  Such questions only show how inarticulate I am, though I’m sure flattered that anyone asks.  I have a very simple feeling about the stuff I do: I don’t want to waste people’s time.  If they feel some breath of life or connection to it, they’re who I do it for.” - Guinotte Wise
Emmy-winning ad veteran Guinotte Wise did his first welded assemblage “found-object” steel sculpture in 2003, a horse and, with the help of a tow-truck owner friend, moved it to his north pasture in New Lancaster, KS where it stands today, appearing to be grazing.  He uses his horses, Harley, Lopez and Roxy for ready reference.  

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