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Todd Van Duren


Art has been an important part of my life since early childhood.  Over the years I have explored many different media.  Clay has come in and out of my life, but it was not until 1998 that clay became the primary outlet for my creativity.  I was first drawn to the potter’s wheel, but have focused on hand built forms since 2001.

My work at present is a reflection of my long-standing fascination with architecture.  From the simplest shed to the most elaborate public structures, I am drawn to the different ways humans have solved the basic need for shelter.  In my current work, I aim to explore and create an architecture that appeals to me.  Free of building codes and other such practical matters, I can create an architecture that is playful and whimsical and at times even a bit surreal.

I am constantly exploring and imagining visual possibilities in my mind.  When need, I sketch and doodle ideas on whatever paper is at hand.  The architectural sculptures I create manifest from these ideas and drawings.  I translate these images onto slabs of clay, then cut, attach, stamp and form the slabs into the final structures.  The structures are then decorated with a variety of glazes, each chosen to emulate the stately effect of time while maintaining the playfulness of the form.

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