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Brian Slawson


Brian has been working as a professional artist since 1992 both in the commercial and fine art fields. His commercial career began as a billboard painter and evolved into computer graphic design. In 2006, Brian devoted himself full time to fine art.

Brian’s work is very lifelike but is not necessarily true to life. Each painting is the result of carefully and subtly adjusting reality to create the most artistically pleasing piece.  Brian is attracted to subjects that look as though they have a story to tell. He does not necessarily try to convey a specific story, he just wants viewers to have the same curiosity about the subject that he did.  It is this quest for a specific mood in his work that results in cityscapes that echo with the sounds of traffic or the bustle of street life, or rural scenes that are alive with the warmth of the setting sun and the distant, lonely blast of a locomotive whistle

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