Kathleen Shanahan
Strecker-Nelson Gallery

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Akhenaton Amphora
16x23 mm

Armor Dillo Anthropomorph
18x23 mixed process print
$380 fr

Bird Dog
22 x30 collagraph and stencil
$380 fr

Finial Motif
20x25 ap

Canine Caliper Caliphate
19x22 mm

Dancer, Flying Squirrel
22 x 30 mixed process print
$380 fr

Desert Mythology
24x48 ac

Iron Clad Barge Dog
24x48 ac

Nefertite and the Evolution
of the Double Crown
21x24 mm

Nubian Diving Lesson
16x20 mm

Nubian Diving Lesson II
17x25 mm

Nubian Music on the Nile
24x31 mm

Pelican Landing
22x30 stencil relief print
$380 fr

Pharaonic Sleep Disturbances
12x19 mm

Pomegranate Quarry
29x21 mm

Pomegranate Quarry I
26x19 mm

Pomegranate Quarry III,
Ramses Dispatches the Libyan
26x19 mm

Prowess and Aplomb
15x19 mm

Shared DNA of the
Utility Breeds
15x18 mixed media print

Time Line Flow Chart
12x18 mm