Danny Meisinger
Strecker-Nelson Gallery

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Altered Bottle, Dragonfly
(two views)
8.5x5x3 ceramic

Altered Bottle,
Green and Orange
9x4.5x3 ceramic

Altered Bottle, Tan Drip
(two views)
8.5x5x3 ceramic

Blue Orange Vase I
11.5x7x7 ceramic

Blue Orange Vase II
12x5x5 ceramic

Brown Perfume Bottle
44x29x29 ceramic

Carved Green Vase
13x7x7 ceramic

Deep Bowl
(two views)
4x11x11 ceramic

Large White Perfume Bottle
64x30x30 ceramic

Morel Jar
15x12x12 ceramic

Perfume Bottle II
80x17x17 ceramic

Pewter Vase I
14x5.5x5.5 ceramic

Pewter Vase II
(two views)
13.5x5.5x5.5 ceramic

Pitcher with Handle
19.5x8x8 ceramic

Small Black Swirled Bottle
24.5x9x7 ceramic

Small Brown and Black Bottle
29x9x5 ceramic

Soda Icing
36x12x18 ceramic

Tall Ewer, Blue Ash
(two views)
33x11x10 ceramic

Tall Vase
19x9x9 ceramic

14x8x8 ceramic