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Bill McCall


Whether through my landscape paintings, my figure studies, or my more non-representational abstract paintings, I explore the spiritual through visual research. Lines, color, light, space and shape, are constructed and reconstructed. New combinations are explored. Once the basic techniques of a medium are conquered, everything else is discovery. Creativity is given full rein. Without creativity there is no art. The essence is looked for, the vibration sought. The paintings are contemplative. They tell about what the eye cannot see. The paintings are for your spirit. View the paintings and your spirit will understand.

I do not put myself into any category of type of artist. By following a natural style, I am able to experiment, making new discoveries, evolving into the artist only I can be. The technique I choose to apply the paint to any individual painting is optional and arbitrary. I may try anything. The application is a physical endeavor. It involves movement and focus. There is rhythm. There is repetition. There is action. The brushstrokes dance. The colors blend. The discoveries are found.


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