Judy Lyon
Strecker-Nelson Gallery

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Cobalt Orchids
14x21.5 wc

10x10 wc

23x30 wc

Morning Fresh
12x9 wc

10.5x14 wc

Overseer of the Plaza
18x22 wc

Plum Blossom
10x14 wc

Raising Cotton Candy
9.5x14 wc

Rena's Freesia
29x22 wc

San Simeon Point
14x21 wc

Seal Cove
22x14 wc

Shamel Beach
10x14 wc

Snow on the
Coastal Range
14x10 wc

The Road Home
13x19 wc

Van Gordon Valley
7x10 wc

Yellow Iris
11x14 wc

Yellow Orchid
18x12 wc
on rice paper, laminated

13x21 wc