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Judy Love


"What does 'beautiful' mean? It means that the thing makes me feel joyous, more rooted in the world, more whole as a person."--Christopher Alexander, author of "A Pattern Language."

I have lived and worked in Idaho, Missouri, New Mexico, Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas and Hawaii. Although I was schooled conventionally in painting and drawing, my individual interpretations of what I see have always been reformulations of accepted artistic dogma.

The paintings are of various combinations of hills, clouds and valleys and the foreground is subtly altered by lack of detail to bring the eye immediately into the painting. The use of color in special context directs the viewer's eye away from logical perception into the emotional response, which is the heart of the painting.

The late Bengali poet, Rabindranath Tagore, once wrote, "Hills are clouds in stone, clouds are hills in vapor, a fantasy of time's dream."

I paint my fantasy, my own version of time's dream.

Judy Love, artist

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