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Lacey Lewis


Working mainly in oil, Lacey Lewis is an award winning contemporary realist figurative artist who paints in a classical style. Whether or not one is versed in the elusive language of visual design, Lacey’s paintings communicate to the viewer as she purposefully chooses recognizable aspects of reality to recreate on the canvas. It is vital to Lacey that her art at a minimum expresses the beauty that she observes in her subject. Often that expression of beauty is an end in and of itself. Other times, it is used as a lure to entice the viewer to look a little longer so that a deeper meaning or narrative may be revealed to them.

"In my recent works I explore themes related to costume and alter-egos. By depicting a variety of real-life performers from various genres, most often focusing on the reemerging burlesque subculture, I provoke that urge within to do something unconventional and become someone new, if only temporarily. I paint real yet fantastic individuals who eschew the ordinary as their costumes become their eccentricities and the lines between their stage characters and their actual selves blur. Ultimately, my hope is that these paintings allow the viewer to live vicariously through the subject and at least momentarily experience the feeling that they have run away with the circus." - Lacey Lewis

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