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Janice Lee


My parents dated with a camera. I have wonderful pictures taken by them with girls in big white hats and white dresses sitting on the edge of a bridge and pictures of the fellows in their derbies, suits and ties in a Model T Ford. We grew up with that Kodak camera. It was kept in Mother's dresser drawer and recorded our heights on regular occasions.

One day I ran in and asked my mother if we could take a picture of Mrs. Corbett's tree, a large cedar covered with snow. She got out that wonderful camera, put on her coat and we walked the half block up the street. She showed me how to open it, how to pull out the bellows and turn the view finder from vertical to horizontal. She then closed her camera and we walked home and into the house. Then she handed it to me and said, "Go take your picture."

When the pictures were developed, she was so pleased that she sent my picture in to the Hutchinson Herald. They were printing one picture a week from a subscriber and they printed mine. I was age seven.

I've had cameras ever since. They were the broken ones from my four brothers, repaired with tape and glue, but they worked. Now they are high resolution digital wonders. I'm of the school that photography is being there when it happens, so I carry my camera always.

This habit has made me a constant observer. One day we had been in Kansas City for the day and got home just in time for a dinner meeting. Someone asked my husband about our trip. His reply---"it was a honey look day--honey, look here, honey look there." I named one of my first exhibits, "Honey Look!"

These pictures have captured some of my extensive travels from Kansas, to Mexico, to the Czech Republic.

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