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Liz James


In the wide-open spaces of the Northwest, I grew up observing the patterns of landscape and cycles of Nature that have always informed my work.  I love the elemental qualities of clay, the tactile and responsive nature of this earth from which my art is created.  Clay allows me to continually explore the balance between the natural world and my life in it.  It has allowed me to travel, to teach, and to constantly challenge myself as a person and as an artist.

Whether creating functional or sculptural clay art, I enjoy choosing firing techniques that best suit the individual pieces.  My forms are multiple assemblages that combine contrasting clay bodies, glazes and surfaces that, while not direct representations of my environment, are elements or essences borrowed from it. I introduce materials that typically would not be found in clay to create textures that represent nature and juxtapose the biomorphic organic forms with porcelain vessels that signify our human condition.

Clay is my medium and my teacher, my vision and my voice.  As I shape it, I too am shaped.  My art reflects my world and my place in it.

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