Ralph Fontenot
Strecker-Nelson Gallery

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At the Zoo
10x11 wc

4x4 wc

Brief Encounter
10x28 wc

Castle Kimble
10x14 wc

Cedars, Cottonwoods, Corn
10x14 wc

Clouds and Angus Are Above Us
20x28 wc

Coal and Corn
26x36 wc

College and Kimball
8x12 wc

Coming Home To Keats
16x20 wc

Corn in the Corner
13x9 wc

Cows, Clouds, Coneflowers
10x20 wc

Down and Out
4.5x6 wc

From the Library Lawn
16x20 wc
$975 fr

Governor's Residence,
Cedar Crest
16x20 wc

8x12 wc

Jones House
16x20 wc

Konza Crown
14x21 wc

Left Turn Over The Bridge
18x39 wc

Main Post Chapel
10x14 wc

Mill at Cedar Point
20x28 wc

7x28 wc

Not Just the Two of Us
9.5x13 wc

Old Trooper
14x10 wc

On the Edge of the Flint Hills
8.5x12 wc

Over, Under
3x5 wc

Peahen Sunset Zoo
8.5x12 wc

Saint Mary's Chapel Fort Riley
10x14 wc

Smoky Hill River
20x28 wc

So, Then, If This Tree Falls
Down On The Prairie...
10.5x21 wc

Soccer At The Major's House
8x12 wc

The Big Barn
9x13 wc

The Long Of It
8x30 wc

The Rocky Ford
13x20 wc

Triangulations With Trees
At The Corners US 177
8x12 wc

Valley Road
13x20.5 wc

What Is Up
9x12 wc

When The Fog Lifts
10x20 wc

Where The Art Is Up
13x9 wc
$420 fr