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Kathryn Jankus Day



Kathryn Jankus Day’s paintings have been exhibited in numerous galleries and shows.  She has studied with several accomplished artists and holds a BA in Art History.  She divides her time between Maryland, France, and Kansas, where she has a studio in the N.W.  corner of the state.  Her paintings are in a number of private collections .

Selected Editions:

Lino cuts for DREAM TIME, a memorial biography of Dr. Ed Ruhe (collector of Aboriginal Bark Paintings on permanent display at U. of VA)

Drawing for a limited edition memorial biography of Stanley VanSant Literary House Christmas Card 1991 (500)

Literary House Valentine Card 1991 (200) Commemorative Postcard for Ludell, KS  (500)

Limited Edition fundraising poster, FOR THE LAND  2004

Painting Illustration for “Cold War in Kansas”

Limited Edition Book Cover Poster 2007

Author painting of Dr. Denise Low for book cover biography “Washington College Talks”

Paintings on Book Covers:

Speaking French in Kansas, Woodly Press
The Last Cattle Drive, University of Kansas Press

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