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Daniel Coburn





I began my artistic journey as a simple observer and witness to the awesome power and beauty of nature. I began by photographing areas that were protected from human influence. I also studied areas that were once occupied and then abandoned, amazed at how quickly nature began to reclaim the structures and relics that were left behind. Through these experiences I've developed what seems like a spiritual connection to the landscape. While studying human impact on the environment, I began to discover instances where manmade structures existed in visual harmony with the earth. Many of these images are contained in my "silver portfolio." Nature reigns in it's eternal beauty, even through the wake of human influence and destruction. As stewards of this earth, we must learn to tread lightly and respect the lands which sustain life as we currently understand it.

After spending years struggling to find a medium which suited my personality and artistic vision, I immersed myself in the creative and versatile world of photography. The images I create are seldom literal representations of the scene, rather my own artistic interpretation of that event. I strive for some degree of spontaneity in my work, but each composition is deliberate in its form and message.

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