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Debra Clemente


Multiple layers of lush oil paint meld together in the richly textured palette knife paintings of Kansas Colorist Debra Clemente. However, the individual colors remain amazingly fresh and pure. A Clemente painting commands a dramatic impressionistic presence across a room and upon intimate viewing, delights the eye with clear evidence of her energy and passion in an almost abstract form.

Particularly drawn to the landscape, Debra studies shapes, patterns, color, light and shadow. “It continually annoys my husband that when ever we drive through the countryside my attention is always out the window.” Debra states. “I may appear to be drifting off and daydreaming but truly I’m in the moment, trying my best to absorb all that is before me. I’m painting in my head.”

 “More and more I am drawing from the deep well of my memories for inspiration. I challenge myself to create a concrete expression of a dream-like vision. In the end, it seems the paintings that I create in this manner, the ones I have gone to battle with for days on end, hold my attention the most. Hardly cut and dried; they are so much more, perhaps ethereal. I find myself getting lost in the image” Debra continues ”and once again I’m present in the moment.”

A Kansas native, Debra grew up in Wichita but moved to Lawrence, KS for college. After earning a Bachelor of Fine Art degree in Visual communication at Kansas University in 1981, Debra worked as a graphic designer and illustrator. When her children became school age Debra was able to make more time for herself and began her self-directed explorations into fine art oil painting.

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