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Marc Berghaus


The first thing to be said about these pieces is that almost all of them appear in my mind, at random, and I just build them. The ideas pop into my head at odd times, usually in completed form, although nearly every piece goes through some form of change before its completion. My job, then, is to make what I have seen into an actual object. This consists of realizing the dimensions into wood and metal, and, if light or movement are involved, figuring out and building the necessary electronics and mechanics. I almost hesitate to call these ideas “mine”, because I don’t know exactly where they come from, and there is very little conscious design in the original ideas.

They are the by-product, I believe, of prolonged spiritual questioning. Constant and intense questioning, through experiences and reading books, of religious and scientific assumptions of why things happen has caused my subconscious to gurgle and spit these things out. Anyway, that’s my guess. I do know that why, and how, things happen are what I am primarily concerned with.

The methodical approach I take in trying to answer these questions might, I think, be the reason for the somewhat rigidly structured and highly organized sculptures that appear to me, though I can’t be sure. Precision and organization are necessary for me to be able to focus on such vague and seemingly ungraspable subjects. To me, each one is a specific essay on some portion of these topics that interest me. They might not provide any answers for me, but they do always help to articulate the questions.

Anyway, as I said, I just build 'em.

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