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Patricia Barry Levy


I'm fascinated by the resonance of common places and ordinary objects, which, when woven together in a beautiful new context, spark curiosity and tell stories. A sense of mystery and whimsy provides the impetus for the work – which takes me, and hopefully the viewer, on an uplifting voyage into the imagination.     

The Prairie Dreams series draws inspiration from the American Great Plains. The vast open expanses offer a sense of freedom and possibility – and yet signs of constraints imposed by weather, history, and man’s activity are everywhere.

The montages are a combination of photographs taken during my travels, shoots in my studio, scanned objects, and occasionally my pastel drawings. The elements and parts, that I find or create, take on another life and assume the role of metaphor. Imagery is recombined, colors are heightened, and a new intriguing story emerges.

The limited edition prints are made using archival pigment inks and the highest quality fine art paper.

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